become xm'S affilates

Become affiliates to earn money

Become an affiliate, bring your customers to XM and earn commission

XM, the broker, will pay you for any customer you introduce to XM



XM provide to all affiliates an account and unique banners, flash or text codes to place to your website and earn commission if anyone register in XM a real account through your links in your website. XM will appoint a personal Account Manager, to assist you through e-mails or phone calls, about how to design your site, in the best way, to make possible you to earn money. You will have direct personal contact with your Account Manager, you will know his/her phone, e-mail to contact for any issue. You will have also general advices about SEO and code fixing issues, to ensure a high page range.



Extrmpc Ltd will offer a free hosting to any website with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited sub-domains, free control panel, SEO tools, and also special offers through our partner hosting24.

After sing up, on your new website's space control panel, there are free website builders! If you don't have any idea, how does this really work; if you don't know anything about html or other website building languages, there are many website templates, on web builder “Zyro” you get with the whole package for free!

You can Get a cheap domain on GoDaddy.com! and also some web building packages through, like: Easily Create Your Own Website! Start with $1 / month Website Builder from GoDaddy!. And finally if you don't really want to spend any money for website building or for a domain name, just fill up for a free sub-domain (“yourname.extrmpc.com”) on the Sub-partner application form bellow.

To register; first register to XM partner website as an affiliate. Later you cam back on the current page and register in the form bellow. If you want a sub-domain please fill up the related field with your desired name. If you have your own domain, fill up the related fiekd, you will get shortly an e-mail with your new nameservers. Also you must provide your partner code on XM.

Sub-partner form

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The free services are offered only to XM partners registered through the links provided exclusive on extrmpc Ltd's site and also use the advertising materials connected with that account registered through extrmpc Ltd's links.

Free hosting is offered to any person how according to the law has the right to receive payments, may open a bank account and have an active financial life. This condition is essential, as soon anyone applying to this package is making this for earning money. Any person under age desiring to apply, may do so, only with support of an adult.

You have to wait up to 72 hours until your site is transferred to our servers. After the procedure is completed you will get all the information you need for login your new account by e-mail. That for, make sure you give the right e-mail.

After that you will get the status of extrmpc Ltd's sub-partner. Your personal details like name, phone numbers, e-mails, address etc. will preserved in confidential from extrmpc Ltd, will never share the details with other persons, as partners, affiliates or other persons dealing with, including also XM. Extrmpc Ltd reserve the right to send rarely exclusive offers or notices about there services, offers or products, articles or other material with will be owned exclusive from extrmpc Ltd.

Extrmpc Ltd's sub-partners are obligated to place banners, text -banners, flash banners or other materials on almost each page of there website.

Sub-partners must read, understand, accept, respect, and apply XM's partner terms and conditions when placing advertising materials on there website, hosted on extrmpc Ltd's servers.

Extrmpc Ltd has a full power to cancel websites hosting if there are no or too less advertising materials of XM.

By applying for free hosting you agree with extrmpc Ltd's conditions above for free hosting and with the whole text of extrmpc Ltd's Terms and Conditions.

For any questions please contact: affiliates@extrmpc.com

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